Take a short paved trail to the historic Wayah Bald FIre Tower. It won’t be long before the public can visit the Wayah Bald fire tower again. Wayah Bald is a high-altitude treeless open area in Nantahala National Forest, near Franklin, North Carolina. It’s majestic nature has not been affected in the slightest, I am happy to report! 189 views Weekday at Wayah Bald Firetower_NAN Wayah Bald Fire Tower. Cross the road at Wayah Gap and prepare for the climb up to Wayah Bald. A year ago, this month, wild fires ravaged western North Carolina and Tennessee. Not a cloud in sight, and nothing but blue skies as far as the eye could see for the official ribbon cutting for the new roof at the Wayah Bald Fire Tower. The interior chamber of the fire tower on the ground level would be a great hiding place in a storm.

Although it saddened us to view how many trees were cut down after the fire…

Wayah Bald. This bald is easily accessible to cars, so be prepared to share the views. A short walk from the summit parking area takes you to the 1937 stone fire tower. Continue another 3 miles to Wayah Bald which provides a beautiful view of Franklin. After hiking steadily upwards for 4 miles you arrive at a short, paved path leading to the stone fire tower on the 5342 foot summit. Wayah Bald Fire One Year Later 23 Nov. On the Porch. A visit to Wayah Bald and Tower is well worth the journey.

Done. Although the remnants […] Onisha Ellis . At the crest was the sign for the Wayah Bald Fire Tower and a small parking lot to the side. As we were driving on Wayah Road making our way to the top, we were both thankful that the drive up would take a lot of feet off the elevation. The Wayah Bald fire tower, substantial as it is, sustained a clear amount of damage from the fires. Wayah Bald Fire Tower From Wayah Bald at 5,342 ft. in the Nantahala National Forest near Franklin, see panoramic views to the Great Smoky Mountains. See the Wilson Lick Ranger Station, built in 1913, Wilson Lick is the first ranger station in the Nantahala National Forest. Brittney Lofthouse – Staff Writer The weather couldn’t have been more perfect last Thursday on the top of Wayah Bald. Today we took a drive up to Wayah Bald, an area that sustained major fire damage.

493 likes. The road winds around the mountain as it is taking many switchbacks to get up to the top.