2. The app will ask for the camera permission on the iPhone, allow it and Google will download the 3D animal on your device. Google 3D animals: How to watch AR animals Finding 3D animals on Google is very easy and the process includes just a simple Google Search. If you have already tried Google 3D animals and are now tired of it and wish to try out some other similar apps, we have curated a list for you.

If the camera app doesn’t open when you tap on “View in 3D option”, then it is possible you might not explicitly prevented websites from accessing the Camera app in Safari. To see these objects and animals in 3D, all you need to do is a Google search and follow these instructions: - Search for the animal you want to see, for example, search for 'dog' on the Google Chrome app. Watch 3D AR animals with just a simple Google search sitting at home during the lockdown. Google Search has popped 3D animated objects and AR into people's phones this morning, just in case you're looking for animals. Read on for complete Google 3D animals list. - Just below the pictutres, you will see the 'View in 3D' option that says - … Google 3D Animals List: 3D Animals Available On Google Search And How To Watch Them Google comes with an AR feature which allows users to view loads of different animals in 3D using their phone. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Hold to launch animals across the road and avoid the cars. For example, to find Tiger in AR you will just need to type “Tiger” in the Google Chrome app, scroll down a bit, and you will be able to see “View in 3D” option inside a box that states “Meet a life-sized tiger up close”. If you Google certain animals, you might just come across an augmented reality surprise in your results. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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