40 WWE finishing maneuvers Take a closer look at 40 of WWE's most famous finishing maneuvers, featuring the signature moves of today's top Superstars. FOREVER. Signature moves are all about efficiency, creativity and style. HEIGHT 6’0” FT. SIGNATURE MOVE Spear. 5. Certain moves have become synonymous with him such as the Chokeslam, The Last Ride, Hell’s Gate, and of course, The Tombstone Piledriver. Since the move … This is a list of (almost!) Skip to main content. Then throughout the match, Edge was able to counter Undertaker's numerous signature moves, including the Chokeslam, Old School and the Last Ride, a variation of the powerbomb. every finishing move in the WWE and WWF. The WWE CHAMPIONSHIP COLLECTION features The Greatest Superstars From THEN. HEIGHT 5’9” FT. SIGNATURE MOVE Devil´s Wings. It's often incredibly flashy, frequently requiring a "charge-up" time long enough that it would be impractical to use if your opponent weren't already on the ground in a bloody heap. Finisher and Signature Move(s) The Undertaker Tombstone Piledriver, The Last Ride, Chokeslam, Hell's Gate Edge Downward Spiral, , Spear Rey Misterio "619", West Coast Pop, Dropping Da Dime, Frog Splash Sho Funaki Reverse Tornado DDT, Rising Sun Batista Batista Bomb, Batista Bite Matt Hardy Twist Of Fate Mark Henry Related Questions. It's also a much more complex maneuver than the chokeslam or any other moves they share. SIGNATURE MOVE Dragon Tail. Ensuite, pendant tout le match, Edge était en mesure de contrer de nombreux mouvements de signature de Undertaker, y compris le Chokeslam, Old School et le Last Ride, une variante powerbomb. Tracy McGrady – off-the-backboard dunk Australian Suicide. 10 Wrestlers Who Shared A Signature Move (And Who Did It Better) 7. Wiki User 2012-12-13 14:37:44. the tombstone. What is the signature move of the undertaker? HEIGHT 5’8” FT. SIGNATURE MOVE Brainbuster. HEIGHT 4'11" FT. SIGNATURE MOVE Corkscrew moonsault. Below are the 20 best signature moves in NBA history. Most signature moves are learned by leveling up. A major reason to fear him is the Vice Grip, the Great Khali's main finishing hold at one point, which is simple yet devastating to his opponents. Wrestlers who are not currently with the WWE are still included, but wrestlers who have never been on a WWE/WWF roster are not. The Khali Vice Grip - One of the largest men ever to enter a WWE ring, the Great Khali has been feared by many wrestlers for his dominating power. Asked in Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum, Pokemon Mystery … The Great Khali's Signature Finishing Move . NOW.