Candies and Toffees Dairy milk eclairs, mango bite, coffee bite... the list is huge. Sixteen annas made a rupee… For the past hundred years, India has used the rupee for its coins.

Twenty Paise, 25 Paise , 2 rupee , 5 rupee , 50 rupee and 100 rupee Old Indian currency Young poor lower caste Indian street girl holding a 2 rupee coin.
Rupees come in 1/4, 1/2, and whole pieces.

April 14, 2015 Dear All Welcome to the refurbished site of the Reserve Bank of India. You can follow the following steps if your child swallows a coin or something else that is soft, small, ... My 6 years old child swallowed a 2 taka coin.

After luking xray i found the coin is in stomatch till now from 4 days. The outside diameter of the new Rs 20 coin is 2.7 centimetres and the weight of the new Rs 20 coin is about 8.54 grams. What are the common coin denominations in India? ... My child age 4year swallow a one rupee coin. THIS LOT CONSISTS OF AN INDIA 1943 BOMBAY 1/2 RUPEE COIN IN AU/UNC CONDITION THE COIN IS TONED FROM BEING STORED IN A BROWN PAPER 2 X 2.

Coin Flips (Holders) Paper Money; Coin Albums & Sets; Commemorative Coins. The two most important features of the site are: One, in addition to the default site, the refurbished site also has all the information bifurcated functionwise; two, a much improved … The 2 rupee coin was introduced in India in 1982.


The Indian 2-rupee coin is a denomination of the Indian rupee. 5 Paise; 10 Paise; 20 Paise; 25 Paise; 50 Paise; 1 Rupee; 2 Rupees; 5 Rupees; 10 Rupees; Republic Coins. There was also annas for a time period, which was smaller denominations.

Here are the things you can still buy for a rupee... 1. The new Rs.2 coin was minted in ferritic stainless steel.

The old Rs.2 coin was minted with cupro-nickel metal. Worth - India - British 1/2 rupee 1946-1947 in the coin catalog at - International Catalog of World Coins. Until then, the Rs.2 was in circulation in banknotes. 2. Kansas residents please add 7.250 % sales tax.

Andhra Pradesh, India .